osDate Matrimonial Templates

matrimonial template osDate is a popular open source dating script which is available for free. You can download osdate from here.
Many free and paid templates for osdate are widely available but there is lack of Indian Matrimonial Design and wedding website templates. We have designed this template for osDate based matrimonial website and successfully used script and theme for a matrimonial website. You can use this template/theme with osdate for a sucessful matrimonial website. By using this template you can give a new Indian Matrimonial Website look to your osdate website and use like shaadi.com clone script.
For the first time, we offer this premium matrimonial template for free. You can download, use, modify or distribute this template under GPL license.

Matrimonial Template Download link:

Download Link

Installation of osDate Template

Installation of new template in osDate is quite easy. To install and activate new theme, do the following steps:

  1. Goto templates folder of your osDate folder.
  2. Create a new folder for example folder name is “matrimonial”.
  3. Extract all files from archive into matrimonial folder.
  4. Login to your osDate administration section and then click on the Global Site Settings tool in the left side bar.
  5. You will see the new folder “matrimonial” in Site Theme / Skin dropdown.
  6. Select new theme “matrimonial” and click on “Save” button.

osDate New Template Service

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  1. HTML5 validated markup.
  2. Cross browser for all major browsers.
  3. Responsive layout for mobile and tablet devices.
  4. Div based professional coding.
  5. Fast loading web pages.
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